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StageQ is an LGBTQ community theatre that is currently 100% volunteer based. StageQ’s mission is to celebrate and advance queer representation through theatre by and about LGBTQ+ persons. For 20 years, StageQ has made it our mission to focus the limelight on life of queer people. By bringing art about queer people--by queer people--to the community, we have offered the city of Madison over 80 theatrical productions along with presentations, discussions, photography exhibitions, and playwright festivals and received the love of tens of thousands of attendants. 

We are humbled and proud to continue the queer community’s tradition of strength and perseverance with our 20th season Be Seen, Be Heard. We also invite you to join the $20 for 20 years fundraising campaign. A donation to the arts is the unconditional support that will change an artist’s life. Your donation to StageQ is a commitment to stand with all the queer people in our journey to be represented in our own community. It is looking into your queer neighbor’s eyes and tell them “Welcome to the neighborhood. You are seen.”

The heart of StageQ is truly its amazing core of volunteers. Designers, builders, crew, cast, ushers...It takes a village to create a theater production. Let us know you are interested by filling out this form.