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Schedule of Events

The Festival begins from 1pm and goes to 6pm. There are vendors fo a variety of types - food, merchandise, info as well as an info area, a Youth Area, QTPOC Tent, and a live stage show! The cost is a suggested donation between $5-$10 but no one will be turned away!

Below is a tentative schedule of events happening onstage. 

1:00 PM    DJ Sarah Akawa 
1:00 PM    Dria Drip sweat  
1:30 PM    DJ Femme Noir
1:55 PM    Cass Marie Domino Emcees
1:57 PM    Speakers:

                 Jillip Nagler - OutReach Board President

                 Dana Pellebon & Steve Starkey - OutReach Pride Committee Chair & OutReach ED
                 Governor Evers     
                 Lt Gv Barnes     
                 Mark Pocan     
                 Tammy Baldwin Video     
                 Satya Conway Rhodes Video     
2:15 PM    Party Favors
3:00 PM    DJ Sarah Akawa
3:00 PM    DJ FN in QTPOC Tent     
3:00 PM    Cass Marie Domino Performs     
                 Other Performance    
                 Andi Withani Domino   
                 Julez Madison     
                 Dee Dee Purr     
3:30 PM    K.I.L.O. aka Skitl'z
3:55 PM    Iconika Strange Emcees    
4:00 PM    Venus in Furs 
4:00 PM    DJ Sarah Akawa
4:40 PM    DJ Femme Noir in QTPOC tent
4:40 PM    DJ Sarah Akawa
4:45 PM    Iconika Strange performs     
                 Other Performances

                 Pony Boy   
                 Draco Knight     
                 Bambii Banx$     
                 Wynter Da Brat     
5:15 PM    Dimitri Darling     
5:30 PM    DJ Sarah Akawa

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